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Ultimate Trade finder

Precomputed Trading Lists

Scanning the market for the right opportunities can be a tedious exercise, unless of course you're using IntegratedInvestor's Precomputed Lists feature.

Simply turn on your software and let IntegratedInvestor scan the market for you and create a shortlist of the hottest BUY and SELL opportunities on U.S and Australian markets.

Precomputed Tradings screenshot


The edge for active investors

If you're a short term trader looking to time your entry and exits, ProfitSource's advanced technical analysis platform is the answer.


The trading profit enhancer

OptionGear is a sophisticated real-time options analysis and trading program, designed to help you identify the most profitable options strategies.


Fundamentals made easy

If you're a long term investor short on time, the revolutionary fundamental analysis software package ValueGain is the tool for you.